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About Disease-Related Malnutrition

Disease-related malnutrition is a condition that occurs if the body does not get the right amount of nutrients to maintain its health, due to the effects of a disease or illness.

Diseases that can lead to malnutrition include:
Cancers and tumours – Oncology
Respiratory diseases – Pulmonology
Stomach and intestinal diseases – Gastroenterology
Age-related degenerative disorders – Elderly

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Why Is It Important To Be Well-Nourished?

Shortly, to avoid all the above. Malnutrition has numerous negative consequences, resulting in a lower quality of life for patients.

Getting the right amount of nutrients is crucial for preventing weight loss and muscle wasting which helps keep up strength, overcome weakness and tiredness. It also helps keep the immune system healthy in order to avoid complications, infections, and, ultimately, to recover quicklier – regardless what disease the patients are fighting. Well-nourished patients are less likely to suffer from psychological consequences and so not only have a better prognosis but a better quality of life as well.

MediDrink Australia's Long Term Customer Testimonial

Ken Waixel

Victoria Australia

70 Year Old, Ken Waixel, Victoria Australia. 10 Year Sole Source Active Customer

'I have a full and active life and I give the credit for that to MediDrink. Due to a medical condition and treatment that left me with an inability to eat or swallow solid food, I was supplied a meal replacement drink that I found unpalatable and difficult to digest easily, which reduced my use of it. Due to my reluctance to have adequate amounts, I found it difficult to maintain weight and energy levels to sustain my work life or enjoy my leisure time.

Due to this, I started to look for alternatives and found a MediDrink. MediDrink provided me with a great tasting viable solution that ensured my health and wellbeing. It's great texture and multiple flavours provided variation in taste and left me feeling satisfied. Because of this, I have been able to maintain and build on my weight and health whilst being very active.

My work sees me travelling all over the state of Victoria staying in remote locations in hotels. These places do not always provide the facilities for cooking and meal preparation necessary to meet my dietary needs. Having the ready availability of MediDrink is essential to allow me to continue working and be a productive and effective team member.

In my leisure time I enjoy outdoor activities again, often conducted in remote wilderness areas and MediDrink provides me with a ready and reliable nutritional supplement to sustain long-term high-energy activities’.

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Errol Abrahams.

"I was given a few samples of the MediDrinks Plus to try as I suffer with Dysphagia due to my diagnosis of Parkinson’s Plus. I found these to be the perfect drink as the consistency does not cause me to cough, it has all the good nutrients that the body requires and the flavors are delicious - chocolate and vanilla. "

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